Terms & Conditions


We work with a seven working days notice policy, once given the order in writing to proceed with the erection of the scaffold we will commit to start the scaffold erection within this time scale unless the scaffold is in need of a pavement permit, structural drawings and/or preliminary pull test, all of which can take up to 14 days. Then it will be seven working days from the point when we receive the relevant paper work to proceed. 

In the case of progressive scaffolding, edge protection and scaffold adaptions we would need five working days notice before aiming to attend site. Scaffold Adaptions are charged at an hourly rate of £100 per hour. (Charges only apply if not included within the price) hourly rate starts from when the scaffolders have left the yard and finishes once they arrive at the yard. Works carried out in central London (inside the ULEZ area) will incur an extra £100 per day, per vehicle. please note all charges are subject to the current VAT rate. 

The same seven working days notice applies to dismantling the scaffold, once we have been given a written notice that the scaffold is no longer needed we will be on site within seven working days to dismantle the scaffold. 

The scaffold is to be struck in one, meaning if only part of the scaffold is asked to be taken down this will be classed as an adaption and will be charged accordantly. £100 per hour for each 3 man gang on site. 

Once we have been instructed to attend site we have committed our time, so if we attend site and the area needed to work in is not ready, we will leave site to attend other work. This will incur a 1 hourly rate of £100 for each 3 man gang that attended site. 

The scaffold will not be removed until any outstanding invoices for the scaffold is settled. 

The price given by ATC is on the understanding we can commence works from 7:30am to 4:30pm unless asked and agreed prior to pricing. 

Scaffold pricing is based on scaffolders being able to use impact wrenches. 


There will be penalty charges handed out to the contractor if the scaffold has been tampered with. 

For every fitting that has been removed, moved, or tampered with will be charged at £20 per fitting. (Please note this is for safety reasons not financial) 

In the case of cutting tube and/or boards a penalty of £15 will be added. Please note any penalty charge is subject to the current VAT rate.Only qualified members of ATC scaffolding supplies are to alter the scaffold. 


Our price includes 10 weeks hire, unless the scaffold is progressive. (New builds or extensions) In this case 27 weeks hire is given for new build/ progressive scaffolding. unless other hire terms have been agreed. For any hire over the 10 weeks will be charged at a weekly rate of 5% of the invoice sum. Please note hire starts from the first day on scaffold handover. Extra hire can be negotiated prior to the job starting. 


If the scaffold erected has debris netting or monarflex and this gets damaged in high winds it is down the customer and not ATC Scaffolding supplies to pay for the replacement of either of these items, as both items are designed to break loose in high winds to prevent a sail effect on the Scaffold and pulling it over.


For any render or monocouche scaffold there will be a £350 cleaning deposit. The deposit will be given back once we are satisfied that the tube, boards and fittings are in a reasonable clean state. We ask that the render or monocouche is wiped down while it is still wet, failing to do this will lead to a loss of deposit. 


We work on a 30 day invoice policy for long term clients. Invoice to be paid within 30 days of the invoice date. For every seven days after the invoice is outstanding from the pay by date there will be a weekly 5% interest charge of the invoice sum. We also reserve the right to take down the scaffold if payment is outstanding past the invoice date.

We work on a seven day invoice policy for new customers (within 6 months). Invoice to be paid within seven days of invoice date. For every seven days after the invoice is outstanding from the pay by date there will be a weekly 10% interest charge of the invoice sum. We also reserve the right to take down the scaffold if payment is outstanding past the invoice date. 

We work on 100% payment scheme, meaning, once we have provided you with the scaffold to meet your agreed needs then will expect full payment unless this is in the case of progressive scaffolding then we would invoice in phases. Once the final phase has been completed you will be invoiced for the final sum and it to paid within the above time scales. 


By using us ATC SCAFFOLDING SUPPLIES LTD to be your scaffolding contractor you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. 


Once the scaffold has been handed over by ATC to the client, it is then the responsibility of the client to ensure the scaffold is inspected by a qualified inspector every seven days. We provide this service at a cost of £150 plus vat per inspection.